Tools for Mentoring

What's Inside Tools for Mentoring

Tools for Mentoring has in-depth sections on hundreds of topics. The 19 modules include:

Water Baptism
Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Overcoming Sin
The Bible
Repentance and Making a Moral Inventory
The Yielded Life
Sex and Dating
Time Management
Financial Management
Talking Christianly
Work Ethic

Here is the Table of Contents from the complete volume. [View a screenshot of the Table of Contents (591kb).]

Table of Contents

How to Use Tools for Mentoring
To Establish Spiritual Growth Goals
To Accommodate Individual Needs
To Make Bible Answers Accessible
To Reproduce Disciple-makers
For a Variety of Settings
For New Believers' First Steps
For Next Steps in Spiritual Growth: Where to Start
1. Evangelism
Compelled by Love
Evangelism is War
Make the Gospel Message Clear
One-Verse Evangelism®
Deciding to Follow Jesus
Your Story, God's Story
Building Bridges with Your Story
Make Your Own Pamphlet
Moving the Conversation toward Spiritual Matters
Be Intentional
Answering Sincere Questions
List of Scriptures
2. Water Baptism
Jesus was Baptized
Jesus Commanded Believers to be Baptized
Three Foundational Truths
Believe and be Baptized
Baptism Illustrates a Spiritual Reality
Do You Need to be Baptized to Have Salvation?
What If You Sin After You Are Baptized?
The Example of the First-Century Believers
Preparation for Water Baptism
What If You Were Baptized as an Infant?
List of Scriptures
3. Baptism with the Holy Spirit
The Trinity
Experience All Three Persons of God
The Promise of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
The Promise Fulfilled
The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is for You
Preparing to Receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Receiving the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Keep Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
Some Common Questions
Is Speaking Tongues for Believers Today?
Is Speaking in Tongues Available to Any Believer?
Is the "Promise" or "Gift" Referring to the Baptism with the Holy Spirit?
How to Use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Use the Gifts of the Spirit with Integrity
Speaking in Tongues
Tongues Used in Prayer and Praise to God
Praying in Tongues with Others
Nine Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit Used to Edify Others
The Vocal Gifts
Tongues and Interpretation
The Revelatory Gifts
Message of Knowledge
Message of Wisdom
Distinguishing Between Spirits
The Power Gifts
Miraculous Powers
List of Scriptures
4. Overcoming Sin
Jesus Saves You from Sin Three Ways
Steps to Overcoming Sin and Changing
Step One: Turn to Jesus
Step Two: Let Jesus In
Step Three: Give Jesus Permission to Do Whatever It Takes
Step Four: You Do Whatever It Takes
Steps on the Journey of Change
What to Count as Success
The Pride of Self-conquest
The Price You Pay for Sin
What You Plant, You'll Harvest
Ignoring Your Conscience Too Long
Wanting What You Want—Now
Sin is an Addictive Substance
List of Scriptures
5. The Bible
The Reliability of the Bible
The Bible is Unique
The Reliability of the Bible is Examined
The Canon of Scripture
Scholarly Tests
Interacting with the Bible
God Speaks
How to Interact with the Bible
The Case for Meeting with God Regularly
Make a Bible Reading Plan
Your Regular Bible Reading
Study the Bible
Meditate on the Bible
Memorize the Bible
Study Questions
Use the Study Questions Personally
Use the Study Questions in a Bible Discussion
Study Questions List
Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture
General Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture
Guidelines for Interpreting Types of Literature
Understanding Figures of Speech
Understanding Poetry
Understanding Parables
Understanding Narratives
Understanding Epistles
Understanding the Law
Understanding Prophecy
List of Scriptures
6. Prayer
What is Prayer?
Prayer Releases God's Power
God, Satan, Human Will, and Prayer
Why Pray?
How to Pray
Let's Pray
How Do You Hear God's Voice?
Praying with Others
Waiting on God
If Your Prayers Are Not Answered...
Pray Some Prayers from the Bible
Reasons to Fast
Not Good Reasons to Fast
The Effects of Fasting on Your Body
How to Prepare for Your Fast
During the Fast
How to Break Your Fast
List of Scriptures
7. Repentance and Making a Moral Inventory
Repentance: God's Invitation to Freedom
God Forgives When You Ask
Guidelines for Making Restitution
Dealing with Past Sins: Clearing Your Conscience
Make a Moral Inventory
Repentance Checklist
Slander and Gossip
Sexual Immorality
Non-Christian Religions
Drunkenness, Drug, and Partying
Judgment of Motives
Obscenity and Coarse Joking
Envy, Jealousy, and Coveting
Resentment or Bitterness
List of Scriptures
8. Forgiving
Why Forgive?
The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
You Owe Me—Wanting Revenge
How to Forgive
Forgiveness Checklist
The Journey of Forgiving and Healing
How to Treat the Offender
List of Scriptures
9. The Yielded Life
Freedom to Love
Balking at Surrender
Counting the Cost
The Multiplied Life
Jesus' Attitude
Changing by Grace
Living the Yielded Life: Taking Up Your Cross to Follow Jesus
Yield the Right to Do What You Want with Your Life
Yield the Right to Position
Yield the Right to Have People's Approval
For Single People: Yield the Right to Marriage
Yield the Right to Shelter and Food
Yield the Right to Use Your Gifts and Talents
Yield the Right to Sleep
Yield the Right to Use Finances and Possessions as You Please
Yield the Right to the Friends You Prefer
Yield the Right to the Entertainment You Want
Yield the Right to the Clothes You Want
Yield the Right to Spend Time as You Please
Yield the Right to Life Itself
Dying to Selfishness without Dying to Your Personhood
Three Responses to the Yielded Life
The Most Powerful People
List of Scriptures
10. Sex and Dating
Attraction Happens
God's Intention for Sex
What Sex Means to God
Why Abstinence?
Keep a Pure Heart
Establish Boundaries
Heart Boundaries
Body Boundaries
Brain Boundaries
Sexual Fasting
If You Break the Boundaries
Steps to Forgiveness, Healing, and Freedom
Plan for Purity
Some Good Advice about Whom to Date
You're in Love!
The Next Level: Discovering If This Is the One
Compatibility for Marriage Checklist
How to Break Up Like a Christian
If You Keep Repeating a Destructive Pattern

What Law Did Jesus Fulfill?
Homosexuality and the Bible
Why did God Destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?
A Word about Science: Are People Born Gay?
Resources Addressing Homosexuality
List of Scriptures
11. Time Management
Buy What You Really Want: a Parable
Not Enough Time
The Value of Time
Where Do You Really Spend Your Time?
Spend Your Time on What is Important
What is Important to God
What is Important to You
Lifetime Goals
Six Months to Live Goals
Five-Year Goals
One-Year Goals
Make a Plan and Make It Happen
ABCs of Time Management Day-to-Day
A, B, or C Priority—Some Questions to Ask
When Good Intentions No Longer Motivate
Some Great Ideas to Manage Your Time
List of Scriptures
12. Financial Management
Living in Two Kingdoms—Ruled by One
Whose Money Is It?
Managing God's Resources Wisely
Make a Plan
Give: Activate God's Kingdom Economy
Give Your Tithe
Give to Spread the Gospel Message
Give to Empower the Vulnerable
Managing God's Resources Unwisely
Living for Temporal Pursuits
List of Scriptures
13. Guidance
God Will Guide a Yielded Life
Ways to Evaluate Your Choices
What Bible Principles Apply to Your Situation?
Have You Obeyed God?
Have You Sought Wise Counsel?
Do You Sense a "Check" from the Holy Spirit?
Do the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages?
Prepare Yourself to Hear God's Guidance
How Does God Speak?
The Inner Voice of the Holy Spirit
The Bible
Audible Voice of God
Visions and Dreams
Guidance from Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Wise Words about Knowing God's Will
God Guides While You are on Your Way
Afraid You Missed God's Will?
What Do You Want?
When the Path of Service is Clear
When God Says "Wait"
Beware of Counterfeits
God's Will May Include Hardship
Fulfilling God's Will in Any Circumstance
List of Scriptures
14. Talking Christianly
The Ministry of Conversation
Good Questions
Some Instructions for Talking Christianly
Practical Ways to Encourage People
How You Think is How You'll Speak
What to Do with Negative Information
Should You Say It?
Should You Listen?
Giving and Receiving Feedback or Correction
How to Respond to Correction
Why Give Feedback or Correction
Resolving Conflict
The Opportunity
To Overlook, or Not
Get the Plank Out of Your Own Eye
Go to Your Friend
Pray Before You Have the Conversation
Have the Right Attitude
How Do You Have the Conversation?
List of Scriptures
15. Work Ethic
Working in the Garden
How to Work and How Not to Work
Good Advice about How to Work
Little Things with Big Impact
How Do I Really Rate with the Boss?
Are You Stealing?
Sabbath: A Day of Rest
List of Scriptures
16. Worship
Declaring God's Worthiness
The Decision to Worship
The Attitude of Your Heart
What to Think about When You Worship
Many Expressions of Worship
List of Scriptures
17. Suffering
How to Respond to Trouble and Suffering
Some Questions Addressed
Do You Wonder Why There is Suffering?
Are You Tempted to Become Bitter or Resentful?
Do You Complain?
Do You Ask, "Why Me?"
Do You Wonder if God is Loving and Just?
Do You Struggle with the Unfairness of Life?
Do You Wonder Why God Takes So Long to Answer Your Prayers?
Are You Persecuted for Doing What is Right?
Are You Persecuted for Remaining True to Jesus?
Are You Suffering Because of Your Wrong or Foolish Choices?
Are You Anxious, Stressed, or Worried?
Keep an Eternal Perspective
Longing for Eternity
Navigate a Steady Course
Ultimate Justice
How Will I be Able to Overcome?
Resurrection, Reward, and Reigning with Christ
Receive God's Comfort
List of Scriptures
18. Authority
Submission to God and to One Another
Responding to Authority
Leading Like Jesus
Limits to Serving
Spiritual Leaders
Government and Civil Authorities
Employers and Supervisors
Husbands and Wives
Responding to Weakness in Authorities
How to Submit with a Right Attitude
How to Appeal for a Change
Limits to Submission
List of Scriptures
19. Missons
God of All Nations
God's Big Idea
Abraham's Spiritual Heirs
How to Be a World Christian: Pray, Give, Go
How to Pray Strategically
How to Pray for Missionaries
Pray, Eat, and Play Together
Meet International Students—Make One More Friend
Participate in a Short-term Mission Outreach
Become a Vocational Missionary
Intentional Life Choices of a World Christian
Resources for International Students
List of Scriptures


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