Why Tools for Mentoring?

Maybe these thoughts have crossed your mind. I want to help my friends grow spiritually but I wonder if addressing whatever they want to talk about covers all they need to know. What am I missing that could trip them later on in their race? When I plan a topic to study together, often they come with their own questions. I’m not always sure where to find what the Bible says about their questions, and going back to the subject later isn’t quite the same—the teachable moment is gone. Besides, I really don’t have much time to prepare.

Tools for Mentoring exists to resolve those issues. It’s a start-anywhere spiritual road map of 19 topics that I believe determine whether or not we finish life’s race well. It’s flexible—you can choose a TFM section specific to your friend and, with a few clicks, switch to a different one if the conversation warrants it. The Bible studies are ready to use (no prep time) and easily accessible. As an e-book, it’s paperless, portable, & easily navigable on your phone or device. Just get a Kindle app. In addition, the friends you invest in have a tool to pass on what they’ve learned—TFM is transferable.

TFM makes learning mutual. Take turns reading the Scriptures and teaching portions. Every couple of paragraphs, share with each other what stands out to you. It’s great for peer discipleship because you don’t have to already know something to pass it on to a friend—you learn together. One leader said, “TFM functions as the unbiased third party that calls the students and me to sincere repentance, radical love for Jesus, and daily obedience.”

Why People Use Tools for Mentoring

Because of Tools for Mentoring, I was able to pay off one fourth of my student loans this summer by simply going over the practical steps in the financial management module. Very well written and very practical. Highly recommended. S. M.

Tools for Mentoring is helping our one-on-one discipleship time to have a more lasting impact because the students read the module on their own and then they bring it to our time together. Students have time to pray and decide how they are going to respond to God's truth without me having to be the "bearer of bad news" when it comes to places of needed growth in their lives.  Chi Alpha campus missionary

The Suffering module gave me a firm foundation to process a tremendous loss I experienced some time later. I’m so thankful I internalized those truths—my faith in a good God was unshaken with the event. J

I've been mentored using Tools for Mentoring, and now I have the privilege to mentor others with it. It’s well thought out, practical, and presents topics in a way that is simple to understand and does not “water down" the meaning. The simple cartoons used throughout the book are great and meaningful, and the text is not too wordy; every word was thoughtfully chosen. I would probably not have used TFM if it was not an e-book, made for easy access from my computer. R. B. student leader

Tools for Mentoring takes seemingly difficult matters such as overcoming sin and makes them easy to understand. It is full of practical ways of dealing with spiritual matters which removes the anxiety and stress of changing for the better. J. J.

I learned through Tools for Mentoring to understand the Bible at a deeper level. It has allowed me to pull more truths about God out of the Bible and apply them to my life. J.

I am a university student. Tools for Mentoring has helped me in one-on-one discipleship to answer the girls' questions, walk them through different areas in their lives, and also it has been great for my own walk as well. I take Tools for Mentoring with me everywhere I go—it’s on my phone—because you never know when you are going to get into a conversation and need a great reference. The modules are easy to follow and it explains things in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. It will help you obey Jesus' command of making disciples. M. M.

I prayed with my friend as he repented through the Moral Inventory. When he was done, he smiled the biggest smile and said, “I’m free!” T. L.

The pictures with explanations in Tools for Mentoring help explain spiritual concepts. I also enjoy having practical next steps to apply every concept it teaches.

I am using Tools for Mentoring for one-on-one discipleship with my student leaders.  It has been great at addressing areas to grow in no matter how spiritually mature the leader is.  Because TFM is so thorough, it gives space and opportunity to address areas that the student may not have considered growing in yet.  The student gets freedom to pick which modules they want to address in our one-on-ones and it has been awesome to see how the Holy Spirit is challenging them to go deeper.  Chi Alpha campus missionary

Tools for Mentoring really helped me understand how to respond to authority in a respectful way. It was very insightful. I like how the verses are at the end of each module. I love the study questions and how much they make us think. P.