Tools for Mentoring is a comprehensive, innovative discipleship e-book consisting of 19 modules of ready-to-use Bible studies that connect truth to almost every area of life. (Each module is available individually as well.)

Tools for Mentoring was developed to address the following questions.

1. What are the most important issues every believer needs to work through in order to finish life's race well?

The 19 module topics include the most important issues of trustworthy character, healthy relationships, and biblical life priorities. Use the modules as a road map so you don't overlook an important destination on your friend's or small group's sometimes-winding spiritual journey. More about spiritual growth goals.

2. How can discipleship goals be accomplished in a flexible manner, accommodating individual needs, teachable moments, and the direction of the Holy Spirit?

You can start anywhere in Tools for Mentoring and work through whatever module is of interest to your friend or small group now. Each module is splintered into ready-to-use Bible studies that can be done in almost any order. TFM also gives flexible direction for multiple settings:

one-on-one discipleship
small group Bible studies
accountability friendships
leadership or staff training
helping a troubled friend
short term missions preparation
follow-up after an appointment
supporting new believers

More about flexibility.

3. How do you find the right verse or Bible study you need right now, for yourself or a friend? How can you ever know enough of the Bible to feel qualified to help someone else?

TFM cuts your prep work. You can sit down with a friend, click on a link in the detailed table of contents, and work through a ready-to-use, illustrated Bible study. Each module is available individually if your friend or small group wants to study one topic. As an e-book on your computer, smart phone, or other device, you have access to TFM wherever you are.

Just need a Bible verse on a topic? Click on the "List of Scriptures" in one of the modules' table of contents, look over the verse summaries, and find the passage that fits the situation. You don't need to know much about the Bible to help someone else on their spiritual journey—use TFM to learn together. More about Bible accessibility.

4. How can you disciple people so that they have both the vision and the tools they need to disciple others?

When you use TFM with people, they know what is in the resource and will have more confidence to use the studies with someone else. You have given them the "tools" they need to pass on what they've learned. Here's how.

19 Modules

Water Baptism
Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Overcoming Sin
The Bible
Repentance and Making a Moral Inventory
The Yielded Life
Sex and Dating
Time Management
Financial Management
Talking Christianly
Work Ethic


I have been mentored using Tools for Mentoring, and now I have the privilege to mentor others with it. It is well thought out, practical, and presents topics in a way that is simple to understand and does not water down the meaning. -Russell


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