Tools for Mentoring

Use Tools for Mentoring to Accommodate Individual Needs

How can discipleship goals be accomplished in a flexible manner, accommodating individual needs, teachable moments, and the direction of the Holy Spirit?

Investing in people with real-life concerns calls for a flexible, ready-to-use resource. People need to work through many issues in common, but rarely in a pre-designed order. Often a subject needs to be revisited several times as the Holy Spirit reveals different layers of need.

Some examples of accommodating individual needs:

You may have planned to go over how to study the Bible with your friend. [See Sample Screenshot] However, when she arrives, she is struggling with how to confront her roommate about an issue. So, you find the module "Talking Christianly" and locate the section "Resolving Conflict." [See Sample Screenshot]

Or, several of your small group members arrive battered by the storms of life. You can change your planned study to "Receive God's Comfort" in the TFM module "Suffering." [See Sample Screenshot]


Use Tools for Mentoring...
To establish spiritual growth goals
To accommodate individual needs
To make Bible answers accessible
To reproduce disciple-makers
In a variety of settings
For new believers' first steps
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