Tools for Mentoring

Use Tools for Mentoring for New Believers' First Steps

Weave through the following modules and sections of TFM in the order that the Holy Spirit seems to be leading. This way, you can address both the topics that you know the new believers need right away, and their present questions and concerns. You can use TFM one-on-one or in a small group or class. Meet with them frequently. Make sure some more mature believers do things together with them several times a week. Make it easy for the new believers to fill their leisure time with new friends doing new, healthy, fun activities. The transition from the culture of the "world" to the culture of God's Kingdom can be tricky; they're in unfamiliar territory and need some friends to show them the way.


Use Tools for Mentoring...
To establish spiritual growth goals
To accommodate individual needs
To make Bible answers accessible
To reproduce disciple-makers
In a variety of settings
For new believers' first steps
Next Steps: Where to Start
Video Tutorials

Next Steps Worksheet (86kb PDF)



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