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My goal is to help people run their life's race unencumbered. Sometimes I come alongside them as a mentor: teaching, modeling, training, and providing resources. A mentor, generally speaking, provides input. Sometimes I am a coach, drawing out what is inside people. I ask questions, listen, and partner with them to get clarity, identify their goals, take action, and fulfill their potential. Mentors pour in; coaches draw out. Often, I function in both roles during the relationship.

If you and I have discussed beginning a coaching relationship, please read and sign my coaching agreement. This will provide a clear understanding of what we can expect from each other so that you can receive the greatest benefit. Thank you. Joy Schroeder


"Thank you for your investment of time, love, and prayer into my life…. I am walking lighter and seeing clearer than I have in awhile. I'm pretty sure I would have stayed stuck without your help and your insistent questions." M.D.
"I want to thank you for the gift of wisdom, care, and love you've been to me in our life coaching sessions. The Holy Spirit always moves during our meetings." S.D.
"I remember [our sessions] being a lot of hard work, and I remember how much I gained.  I am utilizing those tools that I learned, that you coached me in, during this season of … potential stress…and God is sustaining me in a way I couldn't have thought imaginable.  I am able to capture thinking that is rooted in falsity and stand in the truth…. I am more wise and more equipped.  And my priorities are clear. These coaching sessions are priceless. You always believed in me.  And you coached me to find what I believed." M.G.

Before a Coaching Appointment:
1. Read and sign the Coaching Agreement and bring with you to your first session.
2. Purchase however many coaching sessions you desire at $35 a piece by sending a check to:
Father Heart Ministries, Inc.
408 S. 6th Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715

OR pay with PayPal:



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