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Next Steps in Spiritual Growth: Where to Start in Tools for Mentoring

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Check all the items that you consistently incorporate into your life. Leave blank the items you want to learn about or incorporate more consistently. Work through the corresponding modules in Tools for Mentoring.


__ I can express the gospel message clearly and comfortably.
__ I can tell my testimony concisely.
__ I can assist someone who is ready to give his/her life to Christ.
__ I feel confident to answer frequently asked questions about Christianity.

Water Baptism

__ I have been baptized in water.
__ I have studied the biblical basis for water baptism.

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

__ I can give a basic explanation of the Trinity (very basic…).
__ I have studied the biblical case for the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
__ I have experienced the baptism with the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues.
__ I regularly speak in tongues and can explain its use and value.
__ I have learned about and seek to use the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit to build up others.  (1 Corinthians 12)

How to Overcome Sin

__ I am finding some significant success in the process of overcoming sin and changing.
__ I am more likely to see the cost of sin and turn from it than cave in and pay for it. 
__ I am finding significant success in overcoming temptation.

The Bible

__ I have studied the case for the reliability of the Bible.
__ I have a regular time of Bible reading and prayer.
__ I know how to study the Bible for myself.
__ I apply the basic guidelines for interpreting the Bible.
__ I apply guidelines for interpreting different types of biblical literature.


__ I pray daily.
__ I am learning to hear God's voice.
__ I can provide possible reasons for "unanswered" prayer.
__ I have fasted.
__ I have studied the reasons why fasting is useful.

Repentance and Making a Moral Inventory

__ I repent quickly for my wrongs against God and people and make apologies when appropriate.
__ I have made a complete moral inventory of the following wrongs and made restitution wherever
__ Stealing
__ Cheating
__ Lying
__ Slander and Gossip
__ Sexual Immorality
__ Rebellion
__ Occult
__ Non-Christian Religions
__ Drunkenness, Drugs, Partying
__ Judgment
__ Obscenity and Coarse Joking
__ Envy, Jealousy, Coveting
__ Pride
__ Ingratitude
__ Anger
__ Resentment and Bitterness 
__ Others ______________________________

Forgiving Others
__ I have made a list of people who have wronged me and forgiven each one.
__ I quickly forgive when I am wronged.

The Yielded Life

I make a practice of turning from selfishness and yielding my personal rights to Jesus in the following
___ The right to do what I want with my life
___ The right to a position and people's approval
___ The right to marriage (for single people)
___ The right to shelter and food I enjoy
___ The right to use my talents and gifts
___ The right to sleep
___ The right to use my finances and possessions as I want
___ The right to the friends I prefer
___ The right to the entertainment I want
___ The right to spend time as I please
___ The right to life itself

Sex and Dating

__ I seek to live within God's physical, mental, and heart boundaries regarding sexuality.
__ I treat the opposite sex, both dating and in friendships, within biblical standards.
__ I know how to evaluate a relationship in terms of the possibility of marriage.
__ I know and follow biblical advice on how to break up with someone I'm dating.
__ I know the Bible's teaching regarding homosexuality.
__ I have found freedom and cleansing from my sexual past.

Time Management

__ I have written down some life goals, 1-year goals, 5-year goals, and 6-month goals.
__ I evaluate how I spend my time according to God's and my goals and priorities.
__ I manage my time effectively.

Financial Management

__ I consider all my money and possessions as owned by God. I am the manager.
__ I tithe 10% of my income.
__ I am not in debt except a home loan. If in debt, I am actively working to pay it off.
__ I have repented of all past financial wrongdoings and have made restitution.
__ I have established a budget and live within it.
__ I practice the biblical principle of giving my resources generously.


__ I know and apply biblical principles of guidance.

__ I practice a lifestyle of seeking and obeying God's guidance rather than  only my own wisdom.
__ I know the biblical instruction and checks for the different ways God guides.

Talking Christianly

__ I refrain from speaking or listening to negative talk about others.
__ I refrain from complaining.
__ I have repented of past sins involving my words and made restitution where appropriate.
__ I know how to confront in a constructive and redemptive manner.
__ I receive correction graciously.

Work Ethic

__ I am dependable, on time, and work steadily for my employer.
__ I consistently clean up after myself and help with chores in my home.
__ I take a day to honor God and do what restores me.


__ I give God my full attention during times of worship, choosing to participate no matter how I feel.
__ I have studied the biblical basis for different expressions of worship (e.g. raising hands, kneeling).
__ I worship God when alone.


__ I generally respond to difficulties by trusting God's good character and pursuing His help.
__ I can give a biblical explanation for why suffering exists.
__ I choose to stay free from resentment, self-pity, and blaming.
__ I have some understanding and perspective of suffering's purposes.


__ I submit to authority with a good attitude.
__ When I am leading, I lay down my life to serve those I lead.
__ I know how to respond in a godly manner to weakness in my authorities.
__ I know how to appeal to authority for a change.


__ I participate in missions by giving, praying, and/or going.
__ I have studied the biblical mandate for telling the gospel to all people.
__ I plan to befriend an international student or worker.


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