Tools for Mentoring

Use Tools for Mentoring in a Variety of Settings

Tools for Mentoring works in small groups, one-on-one discipleship, classes, accountability friendships, and self-study. It is written for people of almost any age who want to follow Jesus.

One-on-one discipling as a supportive friend: Use the "Next Steps in Spiritual Growth" to decide what your friend wants to learn. Work through a module section during your time together. Make it a mutual learning experience. Decide what specific step you'll each take to apply something you studied. Tell each other the results next time you are together. Or, you can take 15 minutes daily during your personal Bible and prayer times to study a module, or section of a module. Then bring your notes to share during your time together. (See "Four Areas to Ask About in One-on-One Discipleship")

Small group Bible study: Choose a module to work through together during the group time. You can take turns reading the module and Scripture passages. For the teaching portions, you can ask questions like, "What does this paragraph say to you?" Or "What stands out to you so far?" For example, you could study the "Evangelism" module together to become more confident in telling the gospel. Practice with each other.

Accountability friendships: Choose modules to study together by mutual agreement and help each other align your lives with biblical truth. Use the "Next Steps in Spiritual Growth" checklist.

Teaching a class: Read the teaching segments aloud, keeping frequent eye contact with the group. Use the Bible study questions to aid discussion.

Leadership team training: Have each leader use his or her own copy of TFM. Spend one session working through the "Time Management" module. Follow up the goal lists, schedule-making, etc. individually. During another session, you might study together "Giving and Receiving Feedback or Correction" from the "Talking Christianly" module. Other modules relevant to leadership issues include "Authority," "The Yielded Life," "Prayer," and "The Bible." "The Bible" module includes how to create Bible discussions. You can facilitate the training times right from TFM. You can have each person take turns reading the Scriptures and the teaching portions.

Helping a troubled friend: Find a Scripture from the "List of Scriptures" at the end of a relevant TFM module. Or, do a short Bible study with him or her from "Prayer," "Suffering," or "Guidance" that fits a current dilemma. Or, recommend a TFM module you think would be encouraging.

Self-study: Study straight through from beginning to end. Or, study the modules most appropriate for your current interest or concern. Write answers and journal your applications. You can return to your notes if you study one of the modules later to support a friend's spiritual growth.
Preparing a short-term missions team: As a team, study together modules or sections of modules such as "Authority," "Suffering," "Missions," "Talking Christianly," and "The Yielded Life." People may study some of them on their own and share their responses and personal applications at the team meetings.

Follow-up after an appointment: Someone struggling with a destructive habit may come to you for encouragement and prayer. You might suggest she purchase the "Overcoming Sin" module to work on this week. Set up an appointment to go over the study together. Someone else may be resentful over a wrong done to him. Go through the "Forgiving" module with him. Ask him to complete the "Forgiveness Checklist," and plan a follow-up meeting to pray together again.


Use Tools for Mentoring...
To establish spiritual growth goals
To accommodate individual needs
To make Bible answers accessible
To reproduce disciple-makers
In a variety of settings
For new believers' first steps
Next Steps: Where to Start
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