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How to Use Tools for Mentoring

This article is adapted from the Tools for Mentoring section "How to Use Tools for Mentoring."

Tools for Mentoring is a comprehensive discipleship curriculum so accessible that almost any Christ-follower can use it to support a friend's spiritual journey. TFM has been used in campus ministries and in the marketplace since 2000. Now, it is revised and significantly expanded as an e-book.

All 19 modules come in one complete volume. (Each module is also available individually.) Just download the free Kindle app when you find Tools for Mentoring at The e-book format and features amplify its innovative qualities—comprehensive, flexible, accessible, and transferable. This article shows you how. (We focus on the complete volume.)

Use Tools for Mentoring to Establish Spiritual Growth Goals

How do you know that you are discipling people thoroughly and systematically? What are the most important issues every believer needs to work through in order to run life's race unencumbered?

The primary goal in discipleship is to teach people to follow Jesus. If they will say "Yes" to Him, then the Holy Spirit can lead them into all truth. As a supportive friend on their journey with Jesus, ask God to show you the areas where they need to grow. Listen carefully for their teachable moments. Pray for them faithfully. Love them sincerely.


Use Tools for Mentoring...
To establish spiritual growth goals
To accommodate individual needs
To make Bible answers accessible
To reproduce disciple-makers
In a variety of settings
For new believers' first steps
Next Steps: Where to Start
Video Tutorials

Next Steps Worksheet (86kb PDF)



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