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Give these questions to your co-leader or leader-in-training in your small group. Ask him or her to observe your group leading during one of the meetings and give you some feedback privately afterwards. Humbly requesting feedback is one way to continue growing as an effective discussion facilitator.

  1. Were the group members in a circle at approximately eye level with each other and able to easily see each other speaking?
  2. Did the facilitator use eye contact to include everyone in the group?
  3. Were the questions discussable?
  4. Did he/she minimize leader talk, encouraging group members to talk?
  5. How did he/she take opportunities to use the following?
    1. Redirection – have others answer the same question; or bring the discussion back from a rabbit trail.
    2. Prompting – give additional directions (or a better question) so the group members answer the question. The facilitator avoids answering his/her own question.
    3. Ask members to elaborate on their idea.
    4. Give positive feedback.
    5. Encourage quieter members (non-volunteers) to contribute.


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