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Introduce Yourself Variations:

Information Gathering
Have people pair up and discover as much information as they can about each other in three minutes (full name, where they are from, major/job, favorite class or aspect of job, hobbies/interests, family facts). Then, the pairs introduce each other to the rest of group using all the information they learned.

Nuts & Bolts
Have nuts and bolts of different sizes making sure they match. Give each person a nut or bolt. The participants then have to find who has their match. Once they have found their match, they tell each other about themselves. Then, join the group and introduce each other with the information they've discovered.

The group decides among themselves what information they would like to find out about the members of the group (major, job, classes, hobbies, interests, birth place, etc.). Each member introduces herself according to the demographics chosen by the group.



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