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Practical Solutions to Common Small Group Dilemmas

[See also "Leading an Effective Discussion"]

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Practical Solutions to Common Small Group Dilemmas
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The Quiet Ones

Two things could be going on:




The Monopolizers or Over-talkers

Monopolizers are often natural leaders. Appreciate their enthusiasm and involvement. At least the entire group is not consistently staring at you with blank looks and answering questions with the dreaded "I don't know."




The Argumentative Ones

Argumentative people may place a high value on people believing what is right and true. However they come across as if they are right and others are wrong. They tend to disagree frequently, look for exceptions, and come across as combative and wanting to "win." They may communicate disapproval of the values, actions, or feelings of others. They may make sarcastic, demeaning, or humiliating comments or jokes.





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