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Small Group Guidelines: How to Treat Each Other

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How to Lead a Small Group
Components of a Small Group
Small Group Guidelines
Practical Solutions to Common Small Group Dilemmas
Leading an Effective Discussion
Feedback for Discussion Facilitators
Relationship Builders
Worship Ideas for Small Groups
Prayer Ideas for Small Groups
Praying with Others

Read the guidelines aloud. Then each person comment on one that stands out to you or that you think will be helpful and why. Is there something the group wants to add or adjust?

We will encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus and to align our beliefs and actions with the Bible's truth.

We will provide a safe environment in which what's said in the group stays in the group.

We will contribute to and be careful not to monopolize the discussions.

We will refrain from gossip—giving information about someone in ways which cast him or her in a negative light.

We will pray for each other.

We will listen to each other with our eyes and heart, as well as ears.

We will be cautious about giving advice.


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