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Remind your small group often that worship's number one goal is to bless God, not bless us. Our blessing is a by-product of worship.

Lead members in a time of testimony. Have them share one of the following:

Then have a time of praise with song and/or prayer reflecting the testimonies shared.

Have a time of positive biblical confession: Confess your faith in God. Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord. Confess your willingness to serve Him. Confess your love for God.

Use a hymn or worship song. Read it and discuss how it relates to each member's life. Pray it to God. Then sing it together.

Have a time of silence before the Lord to hear His voice and worship Him.

Study Tools for Mentoring Worship Module together. This short but powerful study includes Scriptures about your attitude during worship, various physical expressions of worship (see next idea), and dozens of psalms to use for worshipping God.

When you read the Scriptures about various physical expressions of worship, practice one or two during each small group meeting. Position is more important than we think; the outward is a reflection of the inward. Consider a person slouching in his seat who doesn't budge when someone important walks in. It says something. Often when we use our body in worship our heart responds and we are able to enter into God's presence more easily and quickly.

Discuss these questions:

Read Romans 12:1-2 and talk about how we worship by dedicating every action we do to the Lord: our work, studies, conversations, as well as our songs when we gather. Ask the group to share specifically what it would look like to work, study, or speak as acts of worship. Invite them to share one next step to put one of their ideas into practice this week.

Have times in worship where your small group members, one by one, speak out the names and attributes of God from the article on this website. You can print a copy for each member. They could circle the ones that are most meaningful to them right now

Have each group member finish the sentence: "Lord I thank you for…"

Use psalms to worship God. Remember to stress listening to the words and worshipping God with them. Read with expression and from the heart. Some good psalms for this are 23, 27, 40, and 103. See list of psalms for worship at the end of this article.

Use God's creation as a catalyst for worship:

Psalms for Worship (from Tools for Mentoring Worship Module)



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