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Name Action
The leader says his first name and then does an action that begins with the letter of his first name. The next person repeats the leader's name, does his action, and then add his own. The third repeats the first, then the second, and adds his own. Repeat around the group.

Name Game with Ball
Participants sit or stand in circle and one person has a ball. He throws it to another while saying that person's name.

Sears Catalog
Each person in the group chooses an item that might be found in a department store catalog. The item should describe something about the person: job, hobby, major, favorite food, sport, etc. The second person repeats the first one's name and object and adds his own name and object. The third person repeats the first, the second, and adds his own name and object. Repeat around the group.
Variation: Choose an item that starts with the same letter as their first name and describes something about the person.



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